Bellamy Fields and Watson Fields Assisted Living Facilities

Dr. John Hopkins created a company in which local management and private ownership brought a level of attention to detail in great contrast to the corporate absentee ownership which was overtaking the field. 


The success of Bellamy in the first two years paved the way for the development of Watson.The basic design, evident in the aerial view, is notable for one-story, secure living with multiple indoor spaces for activities and socialization.


Watson included some design improvements to accommodate the anticipated physical declines of the aging population and the challenges elders would face when mobility becomes compromised. 


Since 2005, Bellamy and Watson have been home to hundreds of people and safe havens for their families. Memory, movement and medical problems that are incurable after some point, despite the best hospital and rehabilitation care, compelled assisted living to develop new models of care with the flexibility to meet the demands of the aging population. 


The remainder of the website goes into more detail about how Bellamy and Watson are evolving in response to the changing need of the population. In 2018 and the foreseeable future, training staff at all levels of nursing skill is the priority. Dr. Hopkins has committed substantial financial support to find the best training methods and develop affiliations with nursing schools, universities and high schools' health career programs.


For a tour of either facility or to
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Bellamy Fields (603) 516-8888 or Watson Fields (603) 516-8810 







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