Written by Kelly McNeal  
Wednesday, 26 July 2017



     A new study done at the University of Pennsylvania added credibility to the discredited standing of the popular brain training scam Lumosity.


     For years, I have quietly ranted that the claims by Lumosity were misleading and downright mean in light of the implied benefits for delaying or even reversing memory loss associated with dementia.


     I paid for a Lumosity subscription (which was refunded as part of a federal settlement) and, briefly, got a lot more benefit from Ms. Pac Man over the years.


     If Alzheimer’s and global warming exist (and they do) then the claims for “brain training” and the experts who lend their names to the snake oil should be relegated to the bargain bin in the health food isle where the male enhancement products gather dust.


     The International Institute of False Hopes churns out products and services with a frenzy in response to PT Barnum’s famous observation, “There’s a sucker born every minute” (thanks Wiki).


     I’m particularly sensitive to false medical claims about dementia, having spent the past 40 years immersed in brain/mind work. Whether or not other “enhancements” perform as promised is not my interest.


     What I provide at the Fields is a rational, comprehensive program to prolong the preserved cognitive and physical functions which are attacked by Alzheimer’s and other disease processes. Brain and mind and spirit and physical well being were unified in theory during the Middle Ages through the work of Rene Descartes and many others during the infancy of the Scientific Revolution.


     Fast forward four hundred years and we’re not all that much father advanced in theory or practice. The human brain is being attacked by a variety of diseases most notably Alzheimer’s and it will be another hundred years before our great grandchildren can read about the solutions to the dementia puzzle.


    Be assured, the answer won’t come from the charlatans of Lumosity.


     Meanwhile, a vigorous daily program of cognitive stimulation, sociability, nutrition, physical exercise and positive attitudes contribute significantly to quality of life for people with dementia and their families.


     The descendents of Ms. Pac Man- Alexa, Siri, Google Earth, and apps galore for our tablets to strain our brains don’t need to make false claims about their miraculous powers.


They’re just fun.  We play endless mind games and we enjoy nightly 50’s dance parties. These generate neurochemicals that the lumosity munchkins can only imagine.


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