Carly Simon does a wonderful rendition of ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game, a Yankee runner spikes a Red Sox infielder then later takes a Red Sox fastball in the back for retaliation.


     It must be Spring!  At the Fields, we’ve got the Fevah.


     Winter took its toll on my old friends. We did a lot of hospice care. Our end of life ceremony, a parade of staff and family out the front doors, then hugs and high fives and tears as the undertakers look on in awe, was a frequent event at both buildings.


     I’m grateful to the staff that have adopted my end-of-life attitude and shaped it for themselves. I was watching young Jessica holding hands with near-death J. on a sunny winter morning.


     As a lover of symbolism and medical anthropology, I found the presence of our snack cart in the bedroom a delightful juxtaposition to the absence of the crash cart (google “crash cart,” if you don’t watch a lot of medical television).


      We have made some changes around the families’ experience of death in our communities. We grieve the loss but celebrate the well-lived lives and the three or four generations of family that follow our guests, who were usually the matriarch or patriarch of a large, extended but close knit group.


     As for the rest of us, it’s time to open the courtyard doors, tighten the screws on the outdoor furniture and put our guests to the test. A loop around the big courtyard is about 200 yards. From the porch to the lounge chairs is fifty feet. No need for sunscreen yet but it won’t be long!


    The perennials take care of themselves; we have magnificent flowering shrubs that I put in when I had knee ligaments and no arthritis. The raised flower beds are a month off.


     The great field down to the Bellamy River will respond to the warm sun by changing from beaten down brown to waves of green grasses destined for hay bales. There will be two cuts of hay in a good season.


    And the birds, oh the birds of Bellamy! Cornell University Ornithology has Merlin, a free app with pictures, songs and more than you can want to know about all things birds. It’s a must for our porches, patios and gardens and should be for yours.


     Enjoy the season. Catch the Fevah!





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