Many years have passed since we introduced hospice services and then the palliative program at the Fields.

     I was reminiscing recently about our first hospice experience, when Arlene dared me to let her move in and, when she decided it was time, to stop dialysis.

    One Saturday morning, nursing called me to say that “Arlene won’t get on the van to go to dialysis.” We chatted and I agreed with her that she was making an informed decision, was unencumbered by depression or other psychological conditions that could influence her decision and that “she had all her marbles” (a fancy term for being in her “right mind,” whatever that means).

     She is buried in a popular cemetery in Barrington.

      Watson Nurse Suzie Brown recently passed her national hospice certification for the second time and Admissions Director Lisa Leighton and I frequently encounter touring families asking about “care and comfort” services.

     What almost no one talked about ten years ago is now part of the routine conversations.



                                           Kelly Doherty                        

                  Cornerstone Hospice


     The Fields palliative and hospice programs are supported by clinicians from Wentworth Douglass Hospital, Beacon Hospice/Wentworth Home Care and Cornerstone VNA. There are links to their web sites through our “Helpful Information” button on the home page.

     They are all Medicare-covered. We are pro-choice, so families can choose the provider. We are so passionate about palliative and hospice care that we understand that many people are not, so they can continue routine medical care however they like.

     This revised web page replaces a longer narrative in which I tried to explain hospice and palliative care in exquisite (some would say painful) detail. That’s no longer necessary.

     I’m glad to present a comprehensive palliative and hospice program at both Fields as part of the overall experience of specialized assisted living.

     Ask about “hospicitality” when you tour and Lisa will give you a prize!


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