When we realized that the importance of coordinating care at both facilities was the foundation for the entire health management effort, we created positions for people whose entire jobs are to coordinate other health providers’ work.

     It’s a complicated concept to describe in a single web page but anyone who has stayed at a good hotel or resort or taken a cruise would understand the position. In the hospitality business, it’s the person who books your side trips, gets tickets for the sporting events, and arranges for services and activities to enhance the core amenities and, perhaps most importantly, just fixes things effectively, usually on short notice.

     At Bellamy, Cyndi Nolen came back to the team and acts as the behavioral “fixer” to support nursing staff around the techniques of dementia care. This involves residents, families and staff having a coordinator whose skills enhance everyone’s experience.

     Also at Bellamy, Julie Picard has returned to take on the original “concierge” position, which coordinates care fifty different ways. She has also stepped into more management areas like coordinating continuing education, managing scheduling and taking a role in marketing and admissions.

     Some big sneakers had to be filled at Watson when Lisa Cote left for nursing school and a job in Manchester and Lisa Barrett joined the staff. The same health concierge skills are called for and the growing end-of-life programs at Watson require a new, additional role for this Resident Services Coordinator.

     The “concierge” position was a novelty when it was introduced five years ago. Now it’s a well-developed role that provides some direct services while streamlining other people’s jobs.

     Our health care system, especially in geriatrics, is complex and fragmented but that just gives us an opportunity to put staff resources to work where they do the most good for our customers.

     Families are surprised to hear that there are no additional charges for coordinating admissions, no “administrative fees” and no charge for the concierge services after admission. To us, it’s good business and even better care when we manage all the details of the transition to the fields and then daily living thereafter.






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