People ask us to help out their good causes and we do. In addition to taking care of our staff when they need a hand, we do what we can around the communities we serve. Here’s a sample of the organizations we supported last year:


Amy’s Treat, Churches, Alzheimer’s Association

Battle of Badges, Children’s Hospital Dartmouth

City of Dover, fire, police

Dover schools- Parents music club, hockey, health fair

Coalition for compassion/hospice

Coe Brown, Dover share, Eliot elementary school

First giving, Frisbie hospital, Home school theater guild

Homemakers of Strafford County, Lee national denim day

Monarch watch, Muscular dystrophy, National kidney foundation

Portsmouth symphony orchestra, Multiple Sclerosis, A. L. Sclerosis

Portsmouth food pantry, Prescott Park, Portsmouth music hall

Rochester crime line, Somersworth fire department, Toys for Tots

Wentworth Douglass hospital, Woodman museum 


To get on our prospective donor list for 2017, please contact any of the senior administrators.

Wendy Switzer, Melissa Sabina and John Hopkins 


Bellamy Fields Forever trivia team won the Prescott Park 2017 Trivia Contest, adding another championship to their win in the inaugural 2016 contest.


Led by Sue and Sean Hopkins, the Bellamy team came from behind in the final round with the correct answer to an impossibly obscure question requiring  arcane reasoning skills and a sense of the absurd, for which the Hopkins' are known.

































  The Fields are financial supporters of all things musical, along with other good causes. Please visit Prescott Park this summer for Mary Poppins on the main stage along with a hundred or so days of family entertainment.








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