Stewardship at the Fields


     Stewardship is a responsible approach to planning and managing resources (thanks Wikipedia).


     I don’t “own” Bellamy and Watson Fields. I manage them. Nobody “owns” the earth. We take turns managing little pieces of it.


     Since it’s my turn to manage the Fields and, in a curious twist of fate, their seasonal residents, the magnificent Monarch butterflies are under profound environmental stress, I started the Fields campaign to help the Monarchs.


    Hannah Allen, from Bellamy activities’ department and her father, Paul, are stewards too. They brought us the resources to host a generation of developing Monarchs, which were then released after a suitable sendoff from our guests.


     Enjoy the Monarch People and the butterflies!

John Hopkins



In the last 20 years the Monarch Butterly population has dropped by 90%


Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly

Release of Monarch Butterflies at the Fields - Slideshow




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