A good time for a sabbatical or Pandora’s Jar

The book of Leviticus called for farmers to take a year off every seventh year. The book of Fauci prescribes masks, social distancing and personal hygiene. It proscribes indoor crowds and the Several Deadly Sins that accompany indoor, crowded behavior.


Nine of the ten Plagues in the Bible are a series of viral, bacterial and environmental catastrophes, once superstition is peeled away. Population density and sketchy hygiene have plagued civilization for thousands of years.


A lethal virus would take months to years to make its way around the civilized world until the 19th century.

Now, in six days, a virus can cover the globe and with incubation of another six days, a good epidemiological map would show no cases at one point in time and a million cases two weeks later.


Pandora?s box is actually a jar (Thanks Wiki).

More on her another time.


America needs to take a sabbatical.


While the new administration hands over virus management to a joint FEMA/pentagon/National Institutes of Health paramilitary effort, the three branches of government and Wall Street can revisit the New Deal and mitigate the economic damage.


Repetitio est mater studiorum… repetition is the other of learning, said my departed Latin teacher and golf coach (RIP Mr. G).


This virus is sending us all back to school and assigning extra homework. We failed the course in 2020.

Time for remedial planet management.


Let’s sit on our hands, after we wash them and scale way back for a year.


The Federal Reserve, Congress and the Treasury can give us good terms to loan the country the difference between half open, which we can tolerate and business as usual which will continue to be lethal.