Entries by Alyssa Conrad


 End-of-life care at the Fields requires an intuitive appreciation by staff of the situations residents with terminal illnesses face. If staff aren’t comfortable with their own feelings about terminal illness and death, they can’t have the best therapeutic effect on our residents. If they are authentic, they will do fine.

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Electroconvulsive therapy is being carefully developed at McLean Hospital in Boston for applications in people with profound behavioral  disturbances . It worked 35 years ago in our geriatric program and I have high hopes for its success in Boston.  

Lewy Body Dementia

The movement challenges of Parkinson’s Syndrome and the cognitive declines of dementia combine, to make dementia with Lewy bodies a special treatment focus in assisted living.


Listen to Dr. Hopkins talk about different topics about dementia, and how basic approaches to dementia care get new names and a face lift every few years.


Listen to Dr. Hopkins from Bellamy and Watson Fields talk about identifying types of dementia, approaches to caring for them and how the qualified caregivers should be trained.


End of life care brings out the best is people, usually, but it’s a challenge to get through the mixed emotions around the impending deaths of family members.