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I was telling a Bellamy family about Pest Island, near New Castle, where ships from Europe used to be stopped and checked for infectious diseases, then quarantined if the sailors were sick, so the diseases would not move inland on the tide and cause epidemics in Portsmouth, Dover and among merchants moving goods to other […]


While reviewing a pile of referrals recently, a few stood out as remarkably futile, at first glance and I was reminded of a recent NY Times article about sending old people, seemingly at the end of their lives, out for skilled rehabilitation services. If you’ve been in the acute care system for a few years, […]

Truth-Telling and Dementia

A New York Times article (among other sources) made reference to telling the truth to someone with dementia (Alzheimer’s)… …or more to the point, lying to the person if the question would evoke a painful response or memory…”Looking for your mother, Johnny? She’s been dead for 20 years!” And worse, the infamous, “I just told […]

The qualities of care

A quote from Robert Persig in some e-magazine recently sent me back to “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” a 1974 novel that college pseudo-intellectuals like me carried around Villanova as a badge of coolness. It didn’t work. Today, its’ message is still beyond my grasp but my approach to management in health care […]

Another one bites the dust

Actually, two more bit the dust. A collaboration between two of the world’s largest drug companies fell apart after years of Alzheimer’s research. Eli Lily, the lead company in the repeated trials to find someone, anyone, for whom their drug would produce a therapeutic effect, quit the search and published their story in the New […]