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VIRUS UPDATE…….from John Hopkins Dr. P.H., 1/18/2023

A Bellamy resident tested positive after coming to us from a community hospital ER, where she tested negative…quick test and lab test at Bellamy in response to having a fever of 101…she was a-symptomatic for five days and remains well Another Bellamy resident tested negative with a quick test but had a high fever and […]

VIRUS ALERT, 12/28/2022 FROM John Hopkins Dr.P.H.

A local assisted living facility has an outbreak of Norovirus, which causes intense vomiting and diarrhea. Unlike Covid and seasonal Influenza which get into your body through your nose, Norovirus goes into your mouth, from particles of infected and/or contaminated food (long story).      If my frail guests get the Norovirus, they will dehydrate quickly […]