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Madame President, the people from Boston are here. Shall I show them in? Yes and give us thirty minutes Most first visits were fifteen for the new POTUS and the official White House outlook calendar entry for this time slot was blocked out as “reserved” with no identifying information. The pleasantries included the obligatory regrets […]

What will Benny do: reader’s choice

Benny did his homework, of course. He knows about the dogs. The VC company involved is one of his clients, although the founder/managing partner is the only one who knows Bill and Benny. One of the Jets had a fishing boat accident too, years ago. Benny doesn’t see himself as chum and he knows the […]


This was always a loaded HR category for me and it usually applied to sending people home early in anticipation of big snowstorms. Now it has new meaning as health care facilities and all industries and services redefine work roles. Because of the Fields’ specialties in dementia particularly and complex geriatrics generally, “essential” depends on […]


As a chronic student I took every epidemiology course I could find between 1978 and 1984 at U. Pittsburgh. The Public Health School and the Medical School exchanged students and teachers freely and students jumped schools like viruses jump species. In the curious world of Public Health Politics, here’s some good bar trivia: the first […]


In Flu Season we probably double the housekeeping efforts and nursing wipes the table tops with high strength cleaners all day long. The residents’ coughs and sneezes expose us all to numerous viruses, not just the media-popular seasonal flu. The initiative is to keep those old runny, sneezes from settling in peoples’ lungs and developing […]

Should Old Acquaintance be Forgot…

Well, should it? Old and new acquaintances are important for how they are alike and how they are different. I don’t remember if I wrote this column last year but luckily WORD will remember… No sign of it; another false memory. Christmas day is a great day for false memories. Since they run in my […]


Biogen’s decision to return to experimental trials with a drug that had failed to meet therapeutic, statistical significance using various populations and different doses is a reversal of many longstanding drug development procedures. Other companies in the industry are watching closely, as the approach signals changes in study designs that will be praised and damned […]


America lost a great warrior this week, when Major General David Meade died of dementia at Watson Fields. Lisa and I visited him and his wife, Marina, at their home a few years ago. He had begun wandering, after three years of gradual cognitive and behavioral slips and misses. They got by with the “two […]


Aeon magazine, a new favorite of mine, specializes in medium to long written and audio pieces that defy multitasking by the reader or listener and demand attention and occasionally a re-read to make sure I got the point. Such was the piece by poet Donald Hall, in which he called old age “a ceremony of […]