Benny goes to Woods Hole XIII

A. K. A. Catch and Kill or Cash and Kill
Benny had a few bags of cash to drop off around Boston before he went to Woods Hole.
??Catch and kIll? is a tabloid term when the publisher of a tabloid calls a celebrity about whom he is prepared to publish a potentially devastating story…you fill in the blanks…
Benny was watching the biotech start-up and biotech sectors. He was giddy, almost. Not that Benny ever gets giddy.
Benny refined the play and recruited a few moles at the associate editor level of many papers to call him about stories that are worth more dead than alive. Great investigative writers working for peanuts at big papers were an easy seduction. No need for the appeal to the ?do righters? of the media who are now taking donations to keep their causes going. In Boston; the editors have a scale based comparable business- venture capital, law enforcement, over-billing by law firms…?hey, if everybody?s doing it? mentality…
Benny?s insider trading mantra: if I can smell it, they can sniff it.
Killing a story is $20-$50 thousand: think Boston Whaler or Boston College…your choice.
Killing an Innovation that will cost Wall Street billions is, well, what Benny risks his life calculating.
To the editors:that?s a long shot at the now defunct cash and kill as Jimmy Hoffa referred to it…maybe a hundred to one. How often is the fix in in life?
D: all the time, all of the above.
Benny is a complicated guy.. after Riders on the Storm, Climb Every Mountain plays and he sings along. The good he does and the carnage he wrecks would be mutually exclusive in most people. He had himself PET scanned to see if the Partners could detect his pathology
They could and did.
D: you don?t think I?m going to reveal that in a cheesy blog?
Seriously, what do you think is happening?
Benny called the venture capital manager, after he dropped the cash off in three places.
??There?s not going to be an accident or fire in their future, is there??
Should there be?
Then no. Inshallah
Crossing the Cape Cod Canal gave Benny the chills. His PET scan revealed a disconnect between what he experienced intellectually and what other people would feel in the same situation. He could think the feeling, he just couldn?t feel it.
His neurologist at McLean felt obligated to give Benny the news that this type of scan was seen in the most deranged brains of the criminally insane investigated at the Butner N.C. Federal Prison, in a study rivaling Tuskegee in its own inherent Brutality.
Benny has the scan on Flash drive 8. The neurologist died in a hit and run of sorts when his bicycle was squeezed by a car into the tracks of a Commonwealth Ave trolley.
Benny stopped, of course. He hadn?t hit the cyclist. The DA and the Coroner killed the case over breakfast.
Cash and kill