CAMUS; the Plague Part VI

Reader discretion advised: 13% of us will have a stress-related psychotic break during the pandemic. If you feel responsible for giving the virus to others and you feel guilty for causing their death, you have a psychosis. Medication and cognitive behavioral therapy will cure most of you…

The virus story is yet to be written; Camus? Plague is not entertaining. But his Sisyphus is and he says of him in the Myth, “you must imagine Sisyphus happy.”

Edie throws the frozen ice cream out the car window in the parking lot and reaches for a pint of Rye. He’s going to be one of the 13%. It takes five flicks of his bic to light a Marlboro because his hands are shaking.

Brenda gets a nice text from an ER doc in Exeter. He has a tattoo of a blood pressure cuff on his bicep which inflates when he makes a muscle.

Seriously, what do you think is gonna happen?

OK; readers choice:
The ER doc tests positive for Covid-19
He tests positive for HIV
He moves to Telluride to pursue mandolin?
All of the above.

“Still, when abstraction sets to killing you,
you’ve got to get busy with it.” Camus