Johnny can’t smell – Part XI

The customer sipped his coffee as Johnny made change.
He made a face and handed back the coffee complaining, this isn’t what I ordered. Smell it!

She remade the drink correctly and apologized saying, ?my bad. It’s on me today. As he drove off, she felt weak-kneed and nauseous. She didn’t smell anything. She tasted and smelled four flavorings and came up zero for eight.

Jericho got her bartending gig back and with half the barstools and tables removed, she could relax, compared to nights with twice the crowd from her shift start to last call. Johnny ordered a margarita and Jericho saw her hands shaking enough to splash her drink on the bar.
They locked eyes. The Assassins and the Jets are famous for their penetrating eye contact.
Stop looking at me like that, Jericho. I’m scared.
Jericho reached below the bar and grabbed her infrared thermometer from beside her Smith and Wesson 38. She put it on the bar and spun it, Russian Roulette style.

What do you think happens?

Correct Answer: D; all of the above.
Johnny orders another Rita and reaches in her backpack for a Valium and a Ritalin.
Jericho intones, as your bartender I recommend that you not get drunk on an empty stomach. How about some smoked oysters? They’re smelly and tasty. And share the pills, Johnny.

This time Johnny drills Jericho with a Killer Jet stare, then she tears up.
Oh shit, says Jericho, as she pops the pills.

Valium and thalidomide are in the pharmacopeia hall of fame in Cambridge Ma. Both intended for the same effect on anxiety. One a miracle, the other a Devil’s Bargain. More on that later.

In 20 minutes Jericho is high and chatty. Johnny is morose so Johnny makes her a Rita sans Tequila, called a Steer, as opposed to a Bull. Johnny can’t taste, so she doesn’t notice.

Benny is in the White Mountains developing his Doom, Gloom, and Happy Days? stock portfolio. sort of like the VC kid but with less risk from partners. Benny has no partners and with five jets, it’s manageable and breathtakingly profitable.

With his insider trading cabal, he has been batting 400 for three years without a sniff from the SEC. Benny is humble; he loses on purpose. The SEC has a program, which like the blood samples was easy to buy, so he knows what kind of gains and when set the SEC to investigation.

Guilt, greed, and lust, said Benny’s Sensi years ago, of the deadly sins reduced to the core. Occam’s razor of psychology.
Ans:D; All of the above.