Prospective Contact Tracing

Benny took a break from insider trading in soon-to-fail biotech companies, particularly those with dementia and viral breakthroughs, to pivot.
Among a number of ?to do?s? on his list was a notion about contact tracing and high tech.

NASCAR and Ticketron jumped on after the second pitch: you sell tickets to live events/car races and we track the ticket sales by credit card buyers? addresses, then cross reference their addresses against local hospital data bases, to see who was at the race and who shows up sick 10+/- days later.

They circumvent privacy issues by offering ticket holders a chance to participate voluntarily by mailing in their ticket stubs, post race, to be used in ?Future Marketing and Fan Safety experiences.?
Game on.
Benny hacks the local hospitals.
Two races in September confirm NACAR?s worst nightmare:
Ans: D, all of the above.

Out come the hand trucks: cash, $20 million.
Benny gives them the death stare…
What do you think happens?