Johnny can’t smell – Part XI

The customer sipped his coffee as Johnny made change. He made a face and handed back the coffee complaining, this isn't what I ordered. Smell it! She remade the drink correctly and apologized saying, ?my bad. It's on me today. As he drove…

Prospective Contact Tracing

Benny took a break from insider trading in soon-to-fail biotech companies, particularly those with dementia and viral breakthroughs, to pivot. Among a number of ?to do?s? on his list was a notion about contact tracing and high tech. NASCAR…

Benny goes to Woods Hole XIII

A. K. A. Catch and Kill or Cash and Kill Benny had a few bags of cash to drop off around Boston before he went to Woods Hole. ??Catch and kIll? is a tabloid term when the publisher of a tabloid calls a celebrity about whom he is prepared…

Benny figures it out and dies of complications of a virus (or the Mole in the Hole)

Benny recommended a post-doc biology woman (the fifth Jet) to an old friend and accomplice at Woods Hole years ago, knowing that one day the payoff would be monumental. Woods Hole and the Jackson Laboratory at Bar Harbor Maine are the Silicon…

Flu Shots and Vaccines

John Hopkins ? Park St 2

Driving and Dementia Part 2

  Dr. John Hopkins with part 2 of driving with dementia, discussing concerns about family members with dementia and when it is right to revoke driving privileges. John Hopkins ? Dementia and Driving Part 2

Driving and Dementia

Dr. John Hopkins discusses how to approach someone with dementia and concerns about safe driving. John Hopkins ? Driving and Dementia

Apathy and Indifference

Apathy and Indifference Some ordinary psychological states of mind take on new neurological meaning in people with dementia. Apathy and indifference are examples.

Lewy Body Dementia

The movement challenges of Parkinson's Syndrome and the cognitive declines of dementia combine, to make dementia with Lewy bodies a special treatment focus in assisted living.


Listen to Dr. Hopkins talk about different topics about dementia, and how basic approaches to dementia care get new names and a face lift every few years.