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Johnny and Stefanie, Part VIII

She drives in there with a couple of hard lefts, in a Rubicon going too fast and when she gets to the window she yells over the blaring oldies 96.9 "two of whatever Benny gets." She bristles. "Where's Benny?" She bristles back. "So you're…

Johnny is an Opposer, Part IX

Johnny has her monkey voices and her brilliance battles with her mania, a.k.a. ADHD on the spectrum, somewhere. I.Q. Score is 141 (thanks Stanford-Binet). If I cared I could be a doctor, like you. Could be or would be? asks Bennie. Her…

Agent Orange meets the Novel Virus – Part X

Blowing in the Wind, Bob Dylan How many deaths will it take... They were boys in 1966, 20 +/- 2 years. Company A is now cohort A- they?re 75 years old, +/-2 they earned cohort status and medals for valor and bravery because American Air…

Johnny can’t smell – Part XI

The customer sipped his coffee as Johnny made change. He made a face and handed back the coffee complaining, this isn't what I ordered. Smell it! She remade the drink correctly and apologized saying, ?my bad. It's on me today. As he drove…