VIRUS UPDATE…….from John Hopkins Dr. P.H., 1/18/2023

A Bellamy resident tested positive after coming to us from a community hospital ER, where she tested negative…quick test and lab test at Bellamy in response to having a fever of 101…she was a-symptomatic for five days and remains well
Another Bellamy resident tested negative with a quick test but had a high fever and the lab test was positive for Covid and negative for influenza…her fever is coming down with hydration and acetaminophen
The holiday surge I anticipated didn’t materialize (or did it?).
With influenza season only half over, we’ll continue high precautions- masks, relentless personal and environmental hygiene, temperature checks for a few days for all residents when we have a positive case in their building…
We’ll post notices when we have a positive Covid or a positive influenza. You can choose to visit or not. I require masks for visitors.
If we have an outbreak of Covid, influenza or other viral/bacterial symptoms among three or more people at the same time, I’ll end visiting hours, except for hospice families until the outbreak runs its course.