What will Benny do: reader’s choice

Benny did his homework, of course. He knows about the dogs. The VC company involved is one of his clients, although the founder/managing partner is the only one who knows Bill and Benny. One of the Jets had a fishing boat accident too, years ago.

Benny doesn’t see himself as a chum and he knows the business.

Let’s see: guilt, greed, lust…

Ans: d, none of the above.

It’s just business.

Another hand truck, please.

Will that do it?

That will do it? says Benny



Benny read Paul Starr’s Social Transformation of American Medicine years ago and saw the potential for honest and shady money to be made in medical science. By scoring in the shady areas of insider trading, then investing in medical technology and health delivery systems, he became a billionaire. He pays taxes; he eschews greed as unnecessary.

He hands over a vintage Tiffany’s cigarette case with six flash drives.

That’s everything

Everything, says Benny will there be an accident or a fire, he asks? Over the years, an occasional pound of flesh, someone else’s, of course, was required. The managing partner had relaxed that covenant for his best clients.

No. You’re welcome back when you have another private offering.

The managing partner was a card sharp, three-card monte dealer and good amateur magician. He handed a junior partner the cigarette case with five flash drives, to be put in the company vault.

He returned Benny’s stare.

After Benny left, he called the commissioners of MLB and the NFL.

Fifteen a piece plus my 10%?

Are you sure, they asked?

We’re good. Four flash drives.

Play ball, Inshallah.

Benny plugged his flash drive, #7, into his iPhone and his Lexus blue tooth picked up the contents.

Riders on the Storm, reprise.

What do you think is going to happen?